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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 5, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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whatever they wish. that wasn't a manufactured response, because i still dislike you. good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> three, two, one, beck! grep tonight, ♪ happy birthday, mr. president" oh, yes, a retrospective of obama's 48 years. he's having a birthday and we're having cake. what what a surprise. also, the real story behind the 31-year-old who's restructuring g.m. and american capitalism as we know it. this story has bothered me for a while and we just figured out why, and a multi-million lobbying spree nancy pelosi and her pals are rem barking on this spring to a city near you. if you think this country is great but you don't think that all the people leading the town hall meetings are right
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wing nut jobs, then come on, follow me! >> hello, america. today is a very, very special day. it's president obama's birthday. he turns 48 today, which, by the way, is only 16 more years than we had czars. 16 more czars to go before his age equals total number of czars. here is the one thing tonight -- it has been an amazing life for our 44th president, and i, like the rest of america, am inspired by his story, so, i'd like to share it with you tonight. story of barack obama. it starts -- well, it starts with his parents, ann donovan, barack obama, sr. oh, sure. sure, it begins like any other classic american love story, when these two love birds met while taking a russian language class. how many of our parents met
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there taking russian in 1960 at the height of the cold war? i can't count the numbers that met that way. by 1961, they were married are, and later that very same year, barack obama, jr., was born. president obama so movingly called this story during a speech commemorating the anniversary of the civil rights march in selma. >> i am disturbed what happened across the country because of folks in selma, alabama and folks who wanted to march across the bridge, and so they got together. barack obama, jr. was born. glenn: wait a minute. did that march happen in 1965? no, no, no. pay no attention to the details. sure, he was born in 1961, but we're going to cut him some slack today, because today is
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his birthday. oh, when little barack, jr. was still three years old, still one year shy of the actual march in selma, his parents divorced. dad moved to kenya and mom married an indonesian man from. ages 6 to 10, barack, jr., attended school in jakarta. now, at the age of ten, living with his grandparents back in hawaii, young barack learned that, well, he needed somebody to watch over him. he was yearning for a father figure. eventually he gravitated towards a family friend named frank. sure, some would point out that frank was also known as frank marshall davis, a guy who had a really thick f.b.i. file. sure, but he would become his childhood mentor. frank happened to be a communist. the good news is, mom already spoke russian, so they could just talk for hours. nobody knows for sure what
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mentor and she talked about, but definitely not communist prop gan propaganda. now at 19, armed with a new world view and eagerness to learn, obama attended columbia university. his mentor, frank, would have been proud how he made use of his time there. >> political discussions of the kind that once seemed so intense and purposeful came to take on the flavor of the socialist conferences i sometimes attended at cooper union. >> sure, when he wasn't attending socialist conferences. by the way, i remind you he is definitely not a socialist. he stayed on campus and chose his friends carefully. >> to avoid being mistake fon such a sellout, i chose my friends carefully. the more politically active black students, the foreign
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students, the chicanos, and marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance poets. >> completed his education, and now he was on to the real world. he moved to chicago and became a community organizer, and while he was organizing things there, many friends and relationships budded. he met like-minded people like william ayers, one of the founding members of the weather underground, participated in the bombing of the pentagon in 1972 and other bombings of government buildings. oh, please! america, it is his birthday! stop your hate mongering. have you ever heard of forgiveness? have you not made a mistake yourself? ok, sure, you didn't blow up the pentagon, but haven't you made mistakes? of course, we make mistakes and we own up to them. we claim that ne were a mistake and then we are
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forgiven and move on. >> i don't regret anything i did to oppose war. i wouldn't regret setting a bomb off at a police station or at the capitol. i don't look back on those things and regret them. glenn: nice, kind people just kept popping up in obama's adult life, like slum lord tony rezko helped him buy a nice house. owe obama shared many dinners with terrorist sim pa sympathizer rashid khaladi and obama praised him in a sendoff speech as khalidi headed for columbia university, and about the same time, obama also sought a relationship with god, and he eventually settled down with a quaint little chicago church where his world view continued to sprout. >> the government gives them the drugs, and builds the prisons and then walks up to
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say god bless, america, not, no, no, not god bless america, got damn america, it's in the bible, for killing innocent people! glenn: i have looked in the bible. i'm stilling looking and just poring over the scriptures every day to find that, but life was turning out grand for president obama. a communist family mentor, super radical friends, a wonderful church. could life get any better? could it? well, it did. when he met his soul mate michelle. >> for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. glenn: it does. spiritually, physically, ideologically, the two were a perfect match, and they married. faithful michelle would stand by michelle on his political journey, sure, in the old days
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when he was running for the illinois senate way, way, way back in 1996, all the way to the oval office. despite the meteoric success obama hasn't forgotten his roots, oh, no. he is still honoring his communist child mentor with policy drafts, oh, like some of them that you're about to see, and he is still networking and organizing and meeting new and even more radical friends every day, like green czar van jones, the self-avowed communist. science jar john holdren, you know, pro putting sterilizations in drinking water, forced abortions and government confiscation of babies. come on. you haven't said that. how many times have you said that in your russian language class? the regulatory czar championed for giving animals legal rights and representations. energy czar carol browner arc socialist. i could go on forever about
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your crazy, whacky friends, but, president obama, that would take time away from you on your birthday, and i want to wish you happy birthday, but now it feels empty to me. it wouldn't be quite sufficient, so mr. president, let me say it this way -- we, the collective, wish you a very, very happy birthday. now, if i left something off of this red cake here -- oh, i remember! oh, there we go. i am putting a yellow star on the cake, because it was purchased by the chinese, since we don't have our own money anymore. i guess sometimes, wishes just don't come true. we have kevin williamson in here, the deputy editor of "the national review" an phil cerpen, director of policy and
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americans for prosperity. this is and ice cream cake, and i think we should cut it right away because i would hate to waste this with so many people starving in -- in cambodia. i want to go to, let's see, brian deeds. i said this is how out of control this administration is before i learned the lesson. they appointed somebody to restructure the american industry, the car industry, who has no experience. "the new york times" did a big deal on him. he is 31. he has no experience. he even slept in his car. >> that is his claim to fame. >> glenn: let's find out who he is now that we have done some research. who is he? >> well, who is he? he is not really a left wing idealogue.
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he is a rich kid playing progressive. his parents are college professors. he is from middlebury college. he was a hack on the hillary campaign. he works for the center for american progress, the great nexis of left wing hack ry in the united states, which is another one of these soros and sandler-supported outfits, and his two big influences, i guess, have been gene spurling , who is sort of a neoprogressive f.d.r. guy who is working on the obama administration, and nancy bird song, an internationalist. glenn: now, if i'm not mistaken, he has written a couple of books with these people, for instance, birdsall. he wrote the book "delivering on debt relief." >> yeah. glenn: what is the point of that one? >> that has to do with implementing the u.n. millennium rules which are
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kind of normal things but a lot of these sort of whacky rewriting of family law everywhere to erase any sex distinctions in the law, changing a relationship between parents and their children law. glenn: that is the rights of the child act. >> yeah. what is interesting is about the one about economic development and distribution of justice, which is a term to look out for, but in the course of the book he wrote with birds squall, she explicitly rejects the idea of equality of opportunity saying that simply isn't enough, and some people lose the birth lottery, as she put it and therefore we need a program that is redistribution and affirmative action for people who aren't born as well off as some other people. the ironic thing is that these are kids who are parter ins in goldman sachs lecturing about distribution of wealth.
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glenn: let me switch gears. phil, let me bring you in on something else. i have discovered this great little thing called "the apollo project," that we have been talking about here, and, boy, it's like a candy store that never stops giving. just candy everywhere. i want to go through this with you. help me out. the apollo project was started by the tides foundation. if you remember van jones, he is our greeb jobs czar, right? >> that's right. glenn: he is the avowed communist. he was into social justice, which helps me out -- social justice is just code word for -- >> taking money from someone and giving it to someone else. glenn: what was it you said about the lottery? >> they lost the birth lottery r >> that's social justice for you. you will hear about social justice in our soon to be confirmed supreme court justice talk a lot about social justice. then he went to prison and
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became a communist and then he decided hey, if we can just get the green movement and the unions and the social justice people together, we can control the world. right? >> he said it was the grand unified theory of progressive politics. that's what they're doing with apollo. glenn: so he goes in and helps start apollo. apollo, soafer you know, america, apollo are the people who wrote the stimulus package. tell me if i'm wrong here, and also helped write cap and trade. >> exactly right on both accounts. i noticed the apollo people were angry last week that we didn't mens that we have business support with them. pacific gas and electric, a california utility supports them. glenn: i'm sure, g.e., also. let me tell you something, america. apollo didn't disagree with anything we said last week. they wrote to complain that we didn't include their business coneys, like that makes it better, that they've got giant global business involved, too.
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here's a theory that i have, and i wanted to see if you guys agree with this it. brian deese comes up with cash for clunkers. he sells it. cash for clunkers. ok. what is cash for clunkers? cash for clunkers is destruction of property. that's all it is. it is destruction of assets. it is also redistribution of wealth. it is taking money from me, giving it to the government, then taking it to somebody who can't afford a new car, and giving it to them, so you have social justice. you also have a second bailout for all of the auto industries, helping their union buddies by getting that money in there. it is also the green movement, gee, and how is brian deese connected to the apollo alliance? >> because he's also with
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podesta. glenn: so this is so unbelievably transparent. >> the amazing thing is that they doing all this in the open. they are putting people in the administration like van jones, like brian de-e-se: seiu meets with the president regularly almost daily. glenn: who is this? >> phil angelidis is the chairman of the apollo alliance, the leader, formerly the treasurer of the state of california from 1999 to 2007, so he's part of the great team that brought us the current california situation, and he ran against arnold and lost. he made his money as a developer developing green communities, new urbanism, walkable communities, where you can't drive down a narrow street and that kind of thing. now he has a company thattette troe fits buildings, so he stands to make quite a fortune with cap and trade. glenn: that's fantastic. he is also the head of the
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financial crisis inquiry commission. congress has just put him, the former treasury of california and head of apollo, as the guy who is going to tell us how the hell our economy fell apart. >> well, the guys in california would be the guys that do it. unfortunately, he is also noose the green movement and social justice. this is the head. this is at least the main player of what is going on in america. let me tell you something -- i believe, america, this is probably the best -- connect me if i'm wrong, this is the porthole into all of this. this is the biggest story in history. it is a hijacking of our republic. yes or no? >> absolutely. >> i think you're right. the amazing thing to me is that they're so brazen. you have the center for american progress saying the real people protesting town hall, they're fake. they're phony, but center for american progress with george soros money, they're real, with apollo.
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glenn: that's why they don't see people on the streets as real people, because there are no real people doing this stuff. this is gigantic money. let me tell you something, america, nobody is doing this stuff on television. i don't know why. this is the biggest story in american history. it is a hijacking of our country. maybe you should ask the other news sources all around why their networks are not covering this? why is nobody doing this? why is no one asking the questions? maybe it just turns out to be phantoms, i don't know, but it sure doesn't seem right. maybe somebody should start asking questions. now, i'm going to ask questions of the aarp, universal healthcare. it is really, really bad for one group. wait until you hear the connections on this one. bad for the elderly, so why is the aarp supporting it? they're on, next.
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glenn: well, there is a host of groups like the se >> iu and acorn that push president obama he's proposals, but there is another group stumping with him, and that's
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aarp. let's say these bills are not elderly friendly, so why is aarp helping these get passed? here to explain is aarp legislative policy director david certener. why would aarp be involveed in something that is so unbelievably clearly senior unfriendly? >> well, we have been hearing from our members for the last many years that they are really concerned about the cost of their healthcare, and particularly for older americans on medicare, who have seen their premiums double in the last ten years, and spend 30% of their out-of-pocket costs on healthcare. holding down healthcare costs is kit cal, so it's a huge issue for our membership. glenn: i'm sure it is, but that doesn't tell me why you supporting something that is clearly inevitable and it happens in every country where they ration healthcare for seniors. >> quite frankly, glenn, and thanks for having me on to clear this up. aarp would not support rationing of any kind.
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we don't believe in that. we don't believe that these bills would do that. glenn: so, for instance, the policy advisors for healthcare for the president, they would never be for that, right? >> well, i can tell you what aarp will be for. glenn: no, no, no. i understand that, but you're getting into -- you're opening the door here to a system -- i just want to know -- you have been assured by the president that there would never be anything like that, right? >> well, the president told our members that there wouldn't be any benefit cuts. glenn: oh, ok. >> and there would be more prescription drug coverages. glenn: he also saisdz that there wouldn't be tax increases, but watch him. it's coming. how about a.m. emanuel's brother ezekiel wrote in january "the complete lives system is what we need which prioritizes younger people and
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discriminates against older people." in a '96 article, he whites "an obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia." >> quite frankly, glenn, we would reject that kind of rationing and, again, we don't see that in these bills. what we see in these bills is changes to make the system more efficient, to help hold down costs. glenn: i have seen the efficiency thing, like the end-of-life counseling. that's fantastic. seriously, you can just have somebody from the government come and talk to you about how you want your life to end and get counseling every five years. >> again, we would never support having the government or an insurance company interfere with the end-of-life decisions, and we will make sure you get to make them. the bill makes sure you get to have a conversation with the doctor so you can choose. glenn: are you saying that old people are not smart enough to be able to have that conversation with their doctors? you think that it's important that the government writes
2:26 am
this into a law to be able to, you know, make sure that maybe they remind grandma and grandpa that their life is coming to an end? why do you need to have that in a bill that you support? >> well, actually, what the bill does, because many of our members want to have these conversations with their doctors but medicare right now won't reimburse the doctor for having this conversation. the bill will allow medicare to reimburse the doctor so you can have a conversation and make these decisions with your family. glenn: that is great. i have to tell you, you know, i think it's such a relief that our government can give those -- well, they're not voluntary anymore. i believe you have to have a court order to get your kids out of school for those voluntary sex education conversations that they said they were going to have with your kids, purely voluntary. now they're not, so that we can teach our kids that it's cool to have as many children as you want, just keep having babies and don't worry about
2:27 am
what mom and dad said, and at the end of life, the government can tell you when exactly, maybe you should, you know, lights out. well, keep it up, you're doing a great job. >> we're trying to protect and strengthen medicare and make sure that all our people get medicare. glenn: medicare is broke. it doesn't work. it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to take medicare and expand it. it makes no sense to take a broken system and say, let's add this on top. it makes no sense, and, sir, you at the aarp, who supposed to be representing people like my parents, and people like me eventually, you should be ashamed of yourself. you really should. >> we have 24 million members on medicare would disagree about that. glenn: no, i don't think so. i have gone to your website, sir, and i have seen "we've cancelled our aarp membership after 11 years. is it true that healthcare would keep me from getting stents and bypasses if i'm
2:28 am
over 59?" these are three different people. "this bill is not about saving money. it is about government wanting control of our healthcare system. is aarp becoming a branch of acorn?" >> well, i would encourage folks who want more information to go to and look at the information on our website. glenn: yeah, well, i don't mean to scare the elderly by any stretch of the imagination. i just mean to tell them the truth, because i don't have any kind of financial gain or any political power to gain on this. be afraid of national healthcare. not because i tell you. you have your children go look into national healthcare in england. go look at it. go look at national healthcare in the wonderful canadian healthcare system. it's a nightmare if you're old. it must be, because there are too many old people to too few young people. where are they going to get the money? they're not.
2:29 am
they're not going to get the money. please, please, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, please, don't listen to people who, at times they might be honest brokers. other times, you might want to question why exactly is this happening? >> a company asks 13,000 workers to voluntarily walk away from their jobs. guess what? they came up 7,500 short. any takers on who is running this place? it starts with a g a
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it is coming up in about 30 minutes. now back to glenn beck. >> glenn: today is his birthday! ♪ happy birthday to him yeah. president obama. sweet 48. buddy. ok. this time is the time i usually reserve for the hot list, but we have renamed it, because, whoops, the cake fell out of the camera. never mind. no, it didn't. no, don't look there. we have decided it's time to use your head, bringing you the stories where americans mainly the media and definitely the government are not using their heads. in northern virginia, the only saudi-funded school in the united states, saudi-funded school, the islamic saudi academy, just won approval
2:35 am
from the fairfax county board of supervisors to expand its campus. now, some critics were concerned about the traffic. others nit-picked about, you know, the school's strict adherence to traditional islamic law, you know, anti-american, blah blah blah blah blah. county officials said their decision was based on zoning issues, not on what goes on in the school's classrooms. whew! "the washington post" reports that the school's believous curriculum has been revised repeatedly, removing passages that praise militant jihad and martyrdom. as late as 2007, i might point out, six years after the world trade centers were nothing but a pile of dust, one textbook still says that the killing of adulterers were justifyed. students, parents and teachers
2:36 am
say, the school doesn't teach intolerance or violence. in a completely unrelated story, the academy's 1999 valedictorian, ahmed ali was resentenced just last week to life in prison after being convicted in 2005 of plotting with al qaeda to kill the president of the united states but don't worry about anything. virginia, traffic around that school is going to be fine. also, raed al sharif has reportedly graduated in 2003, and he was arrested last month in a florida airport allegedly, what, did he have a problem trying to board a plane with a 7-inch kitchen knife? what, you don't have a 7-inch kitchen knife in your house? hello, hate monger alert! maybe he needed to chop up carrots on the plane. you don't know. and general motors spent 40
2:37 am
days in bankruptcy emerging leaner, stronger, we can rebuild it stronger, bester faster. it is the how many billion dollar man here? they have a new plan to turn things around, or not. part of the plan to turn things around includes firing -- sorry, offering early retirement and buyouts to about 13,000 workers. firing them. only half of the 13,000 needed to sign up to lose their jobs, and now the company will almost certainly face more layoffs. isn't it great? see when we bail companies out, then we don't have to have them fire people. i mean, we could have never handled the bankruptcy. but don't worry, the american car is making a comeback, and so are all the other car companies. you remember cars like mustang, wrangler, thunderbird , tough american cars, you know, with the wicked american names. now, when i say japanese, i don't really think, you know, of them.
2:38 am
it's not so tough. nissan is unveiling their new electric car. they want to make sure that everybody knows, sure, ok, it is going to be made in japan and tennessee, but they want everybody to know that we're going to fight the stigma of being a weak electric car. this electric car is tough. it's got power to it. that's why they decided to name it "the leaf." yes, the leaf has debuted this week in japan. their press release calls it a zero emissions car designed specifically for lithium ion battery powered chassis. it is a medium-sized hatchback that seats five adults and has ranges of more than 100 miles. do we ever drive 100 miles? in one sitting? it is the least! recharging will reportedly take less than half an hour for 80% charge, but nissan has
2:39 am
not announced how much the leaf will cost. boy, i can't imagine! i hope i -- i hope i have enough money for it when it comes out. i got to get my hands on one. and look at the styling! that's the first time i have seen the picture. that's a sweet car! seriously, it is. i can't wait. now, if you believe someone has the audacity to make fun of the president of the united states, how dare they! here it is. this is what has been showing up in los angeles. hey, don't they know rule number five from sol radski's rules for radicals? ridicule is man's most potent weapon. it is interesting how mad they get when you use their words against them, isn't it? a poster by an anonymous
2:40 am
artist -- i mean, why would they remain anonymous? maybe they heard about the conservative kiosk turned out of the mall in minnesota. anyway, the poster has showed up around los angeles and atlanta, and obama is the joker and socialism, which doesn't make sense since the joker was morse of an anarchist t has some liberals fuming. steven millenkin of l.a. weekly says it appeals to the drunk tank of california conservatism. really? obama in white face. his mouth like ledger's joker has been split wide open and the word socialism appears below the face. the only thing he whites that is miss something a noose. remember the outrage over the bush's joker p picture? do you remember that? yeah, last year. there was no outrage there.
2:41 am
oh, i remember, we could make fun of this president but we can't make fun of president obama. i will tell you that i don't agree with the poster thing, because i don't think he is like the joker, except, did you see "the dark knight"? did you remember the scene with the joker, that one part, where he is in the hold of a ship and he has all this mob money and stuff, and i said this is president obama. watch. >> i'm only ruining my half. >> all you care about is your money. this town deserves better. it is not about money. it is about a message. glenn: remember, i think that's exactly right. president obama is only burning his half of the money. ok. time for common sense. america, time to use your head. next, crazy extremists going
2:42 am
to town halls ante parties. it's all orchestrated, you know. next.t.
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glenn: people are coming out in droves to town hall meetings but maybe that's just because the first lady -- or maybe we should call her lady michelle obama recommended it. take a listen. >> barack obama will require you to work. he is going to demand that you shed your cynicism, that you put down your division, that you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zone, that you push yourselves to be better, and that you engage. barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolveed, uninformed. glenn: i have to tell you, i know some of people going to these street gatherings, and they're not community
2:47 am
organizers. they're regular folks that have never gotten their butts off their couch, until now. they're involved. they're informed. andrew claifen, hollywood screenwriter and author of "the last thing i remember" is with me. as you watch these people come to these, you know, to the town hall meetings, and they are angry, what goes through your head? >> the first thing that goes through my head is that i see them with my eyes but when i look at the media, they don't exist, and that is -- i think whoos's making them so angry. they're not just angry at the expansion of government. they're surrounded by this code of silence. the media is saying that oh, it is 200 people when it is 12,000. they saying that those thousands of people aren't there. glenn: give me call number four, please, bush on cindy sheehan. listen to this. >> i get protested all the time. the great thing about the country is it's a free place and people can protest.
2:48 am
they can protest the frez and they can protest the president and she d i understand her grief. she lost her son in iraq. glenn: ok. here is the way the president handles it. president obama, he comes out on april 15 ghtd and says i didn't even know anything was going on. you got to be kidding me? >> guess what, not only is bush acting with so much grace that obama hasn't gotten, but what is he reacting to? he is reacting to cindy sheehan who brought out 24 people in a protest. because the media was against the war and she was against the war, that was a big, big story. glenn: i laid it out last night, and i think this is really going to end in one of two ways with these people. they're going to come and they're going to see their constituents an either go back to washington and say, ok, they're going to make me into soup if i go. i'm not playing ball like this anymore.
2:49 am
we got to slow down. we got to read the bills. we got to involve the american people, or they're going to come back and say, you know, there is nothing but a bunch of nut jobs out there. hurry up and get it done because these people don't know what they're doing. i want to you respond to that and tell me what you think is house, faster and easier than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new... powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vacuum. you don't vacuum open floors, you vacuum rooms filled with furniture. and the xl platinum makes cleaning under, around, and behind them, fast and easy! so take advantage of this limited time no-payments-no-interest-for-one- full-year offer and order your new oreck xl platinum today! call now and for cleaning stairs or up high we'll also send you the powerful oreck handheld vacuum-- a $250 value-absolutely free.
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>> they are trying to load these town meetings for visual impact on television. they want to show thousands of people screaming socialism and try to overcome public sentiment which now favors healthcare reform. that's almost now flooding the switchboards on capitol hill. it doesn't prove much other than the switchboards have limited capacity, so we need to have a bunch more balanced
2:54 am
approaches that allow members of congress to hear both sides of the story, rather than to be sucker punched. glenn: you're a fiction writer. >> is was about to say -- glenn: no one would believe this if you wrote this. >> i don't know what they call that in illinois. in the rest of the country we call it horse manure, because there is not a word of what he said that was true. the insurance companies have laid down like sheep on this issue. they have been quiet. they didn't do anything like they did during the hillary-care fiasco, none of the ad campaigns or anything like that. where on earth does he get the idea that the country supports this? what poll? every poll shows a plurality of people are against it. glenn: i have no idea. we are with andrew klavan by the way. let me bring you back to the question that i had at the end of the last segment, and that is how do you think these guys are -- well, are they going to go back and say, whoa, the people in my district are about to make me into soup? , so i can't do this anymore,
2:55 am
or are they going to be emboldened by it and say it is just crazy people that are doing that? >> no. they have two forces going against them. one is the people screaming as loud as they can screaming slow down, stop. the other is the media saying to them who, are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? those people are not there. we don't report on them. they don't exist. if we don't put them in the narrative, they are not there. the question is going to be whether some of these conservative democrats are going to understand that their careers are on the line here. i think some of them will, and i think -- i have a feeling they may have to settle for something they can call victory rather than the kind of titanic takeover of our economy that they are trying to do. glenn: thank you very much. it's always good to see you. america, i don't think their careers are at stake. i think our country is at stake. i have asked you before and i ask you again with these
2:56 am
members of congress back at home, be peaceful. be stern, but be peaceful, and get on your knees and pray for get on your knees and pray for the republic.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
♪ cause it's the little things that mean a lot ♪ oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness. dploich we have a tip that a watchdog, constitutional watchdog sent me in a tip and said something is not


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